• Dodecahedron measuring speaker.
  • 2-way measuring speaker.

  • 2-way measuring speaker.

  • Noise generators (pink, white).

  • Sound assimilation software (EASE).
  • Real-time noise control in pink noise and 1/3 of an octave: MILSSA, ACO (Opera House).
  • Sound meter with spectrum analyzer at 1/3 of an octave (Bedrock SM 90 IEC 60268-16 rev 4, IEC 61672, Class 1, ANSI S14 Type 1).

  • Sound meter with spectrum analyzer at 1/3 of an octave (Lutron SL4001).

  • Anxious Chamber (measurements of sound insulation materials, new speakers, sound quality).

Virtual acoustics

Pioneering in sound in collaboration with the University of Patras.
Our company has the ability to represent the sound behavior of a space with the help of virtual acoustics.
Thus, the user who monitors the representation can fully understand the effects of the various applications on the sound behavior of the space.
In other words, he “transports” himself into this space by listening to an audio sample for different listening positions, so connecting the sound (audio samples) with the image (virtual listening environment) creates a more realistic perception of the study results. sound / sound insulation in the specific area.
For more information and samples (demos) on Virtual Acoustics visit the corresponding section of the Web Site of the Audio Team of the Wired Telecommunication Laboratory of the University of Patras.