Soundproofing Walls – Ceilings – Floors – Balconies

Sound absorption and sound insulation with special walls. The investment with sound insulation or sound-absorbing materials, depending on the needs of the study, can be done on walls, ceilings, sliding ceilings, floors, floating floors, [...]



Hard surfaces with a specific position, rotation and inclination, which direct the sound to the desired listening point. We offer you the most effective reflectors on the market.


Floating Rooms

Pioneering in special sound insulation constructions. The floating rooms, practically ensure the increase of the sound insulation mainly from knock sound, but also from airborne sound or from vibrations. They are mainly based on the [...]



1) Design and construction for studios, with room in the room philosophy. 2) Fully floating constructions. 3) Inspection and improvement of the existing construction. 4) Acoustic study with diffusers and sound traps. 5) Setting [...]